Welcome to 31 Brewerytown

The Plaza at 31 Breweytown is now open for public use and enjoyment! The Plaza is dedicated to the residents of Brewerytown and celebrates the synergies between local historic architecture and 21st century ingenuity! It cultivates Westrum Development Company's visionary master plan for 31 Street and was made possible through a public/private partnership with Mural Arts Philadelphia.

31 Brewerytown offers brand new construction in one of Philly’s most exciting up-and-coming neighborhoods. Bordered by Fairmount Park, the luxury apartments at 31 Brewerytown are convenient to shops, restaurants, colleges, and city attractions, and it’s within easy biking distance of the Kelly and West River drives. You’ll Love Life Here!

Westrum Development Company is partnering with 1776 Brewerytown to redefine the Work.Live.Play paradigm. The Brewerytown location is nestled within our brand-new luxury community, The Hub at 31 Brewerytown and the space occupies more than 8000 square feet of flexible workspace, private offices, and conference rooms. The 1776 Brewerytown campus will be available to both 31 Brewerytown residents and to the local community. As a resident of 31 Brewerytown a 10% membership discount is being offered. 

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